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Ontario Servers will provide you with service of process in Ontario, court filing in this great province of Ontario, court issuing in Ontario, and many other legal needs when it comes to legal documents, and legal delivery. We can get our legal Courier services done on a rush basis, with our rush process serving service, rush court filing, etc... Ontario Servers will get the job done in Ontario wherever, and whenever our clients need the job done.

Ontario Servers has grown so much since its humble beginnings, we offer professional process serving, and other Courier services with an approach that consists of respect, honor, efficiency and care. We welcome everyone in need of process serving, court filing, and much more to our company as loyal clients.


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When our clients give us their business, we are not only grateful, but we are proud to serve them. We give every task our greatest effort, and nothing but care, and respect, throughout the whole job. We can be contacted anytime, about any questions or concerns you have for us. We are here to serve you.

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Process Serving in Ontario, Court Filing in Ontario, Court Issuing in Ontario, Skip Tracing in Ontario, Court Search in Ontario, Court Houses in Ontario, Ontario Process Servers can serve Summons, Affidavits, Statements of Claim and tons more.
We offer Legal Document Delivery, Legal Courier Services.

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